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Query Vary is an all-in-one, no-code platform where team members can collaboratively train AI

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No Code Solutions

Integrate AI to work optimization tools effortlessly without any programming expertise required.
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Involve Domain Experts

Easily involve domain experts in refining and managing the performance of your AI.
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Enterprise Level Security

Ensure all your confidential company information remains safe, secure and fully protected.
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Integrate Data Easily

Hook up your own Vector Database or use our Database to upload data.

Access to the latest in
Generative AI

Use Cases

Report and Proposal Generation

Easily generate reports and proposals from notes with proper formatting.

Product Defect Detection

Identify which products are defective or about to be damaged and easily replace/repair them.

HR Knowledge Base

Chatbot to reply to FAQs and common enquiries from newly on boarded employees.

Chatbot for employees to ask what to do for a promotion, based on company guidelines and skill requirements.


Match job descriptions to assessments and resumes from job applicants.

Sales Call Analysis

Extract answers to qualifying questions from a meeting transcript and pipe them into a CRM.

Customer Facing Chatbot

Upload your data and respond to customers easily through our integrations with messaging apps.

News Monitoring

AI can read daily news feeds and notify you of important events that are relevant for you.

Demand Forecast Augmentation

Anticipate stocks in your supply chain by monitoring news about customers and suppliers.
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Hear what people say about Query Vary

"I was able to test and tweak my prompts effortlessly with this software. The ability to try out different variations is a game-changer."

Rachiket Arya
Co-Founder & CTO at CoTeach

"The trade-off between quality, latency, and cost is a thing of the past. This software has taken a lot of burden off my shoulders"


"The ability to create new templates quickly has been a lifesaver. It's now easier for me to tailor solutions for my projects."

Lam Zi Xin
Full Stack Developer

"Prompt engineering used to be daunting until I found this software. Its features have helped me optimize my work incredibly."

Sunil Mishra
Senior Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Be a Software Developer to Use Query Vary?

No. Query Vary is designed to be easy to use for non-technical users. However, for certain advanced settings, such as configuring a vector database, you may need help from your IT department, or you can use the fully managed service of Query Vary, where we help you develop your LLM-powered application.

Can I Add My Own Documents and Data?

Yes. You can upload documents directly from Query Vary or connect your vector database if you have a lot of data to add.

Is My Data Secure?

Yes. Query Vary has SOC2 Type 2 certification. As part of that, we encrypt your API keys using AES-256 encryption. Data uploaded to Query Vary is segregated into designated 'collections' for each organization. If desired, you can self-host your database and only connect it to Query Vary for data processing.

Do I Need to Bring My Own LLM Keys?

Free users receive 250 LLM answers included, and paid users have $20 worth of LLM credits included. You can bring your own LLM keys if you wish to consume more or if you’d like to separate billing for your company.

Do You Offer an On-Premise Solution?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Does Query Vary Support Image or Multi-Modal Models?

Yes. Query Vary supports image interpretation models such as GPT-4 Vision and Claude 3. You can also generate and compare images from image generation models such as DALL-E 3 and DALL-E 2.

Which Large Language Models Do You Support?

Query Vary continuously adds the latest models from OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, Azure, and other providers. You can assume the latest state-of-the-art models are available. If you have a self-hosted open-source model, you can connect it to Query Vary through the API. Please contact us.

Do You Support Multi-Step Workflows?

Yes. Query Vary allows you to chain prompts together, whereby the output of one LLM is used as input to the next. This way, you can combine the powers of different models and increase robustness, latency, and reduce costs.

Does Query Vary Have an API?

Yes, you can build any application you want on top of Query Vary’s LLM evaluation suite. Please have a look at our documentation for more information.

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