Query Vary gives companies and developers the tools to design, test, and refine prompts in a systematic way.
Ensuring reliability, reducing latency, and optimizing costs.

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Avoid wasting dev time on internal AI tool development.

Free up your team to innovate, not maintain testing tools.

Ensure stellar brand integrity with professional testing suites.

Stay agile and cost-effective without the worry of constant testing tool updates.

Our promise
Save up to 30% time with efficient prompt testing

Time is of the essence. With Query Vary’s accelerated testing environment, swiftly evaluate your prompts to ensure their effectiveness. Query Vary is designed to cut down testing time, allowing you to focus on optimizing quality.

Increase productivity by 80% with our streamlined design interface.

Experience a surge in productivity with our seamlessly designed interface. Query Vary streamlines the prompt engineering process, providing a hassle-free experience that boosts efficiency and lets you accomplish more in less time.

Reduce the chance of application abuse, by 50% with our built-in safeguards

Security is paramount. With Query Vary's built-in security measures, mitigate the risks of misuse. Our advanced safeguards are engineered to significantly reduce unauthorized access, ensuring your LLM application remains secure and dedicated to its core purpose.

Improve the quality of your LLM application outputs by 89% with our systematic testing infrastructure."

Quality matters. With Query Vary’s structured testing infrastructure, fine-tune your prompts to achieve unparalleled output quality. Our platform enables extensive evaluation under diverse scenarios, ensuring your LLM application performs at its peak with high precision.

Hear what users have to say about Query Vary.

Say goodbye to the stress of prompt evaluation and hello to a more focused, efficient, and successful development process.

Mike Addams
Machine learning engineer
"I was able to test and tweak my prompts effortlessly with this software. The ability to try out different variations is a game-changer."
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"The trade-off between quality, latency, and cost is a thing of the past. This software has taken a lot of burden off my shoulders"
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Walter Pintor
Backend developer
"Never thought I'd see a tool that makes designing LLM prompts so seamless. It's user-friendly and has made my job a lot easier."
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Lam Zi Xin
Full stack developer
"The ability to create new templates quickly has been a lifesaver. It's now easier for me to tailor-fit solutions for my projects."
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Sunil Mishra
Senior developer
"Prompt engineering used to be daunting until I found this software. Its features have helped me optimise my work incredibly."
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Dirk Jan-Veen
CEO - Pawcare ai
"Designing prompts has never been easier! This software's templates allowed me to experiment and perfect my prompts in record time."
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How it works.

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Input prompt chain

Input your prompt chain

Input the prompts you want to optimize, your model of choice, and your API key. We'll generate variations of the same prompt and fetch the answers.


Get instant
performance stats.

Query Vary's prompt optimizer enables you to precisely calibrate your prompts, ensuring an ideal balance between quality, latency, and cost for superior performance.

Prompt stats
Prompt token costs

4 Power features every developer needs to see.

Query Vary is loaded with powerful features designed to empower developers in crafting and testing prompts for LLM applications with unmatched efficiency and precision.

System prompt image
Compare different LLMs.

Not sure if you need GPT3.5, GPT4, Claude or Open Source? We got you covered! Query Vary ensures you always harness the most suitable AI for your business needs.

Test suite image
Track Cost, Latency, and Quality.

Track the metrics that matter. Optimise your prompts for effieciency. Know exactly what your app can and cannot do. Manage customer expectations.

Applet versioning
Version Control your Prompts.

Query Vary comes equipped with version control which allows you to return to working states of your prompts, helping you achieve the perfect prompt for your application.

code snippets
Embed fine-tuned LLMs straight into Javascript.

Expedite your development process by embedding approved prompts straight into JavaScript. Empowering you to create sophisticated, AI-driven applications with ease.

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Flexible Plans for Every Developer, Choose Yours.

Query Vary offers a range of pricing plans to fit every budget and level of need. Whether you're a solo developer, a small startup, or a large corporation, we have a plan that's right for you.

Perfect for Individual Developers
  • Multi-provider playground
  • Manual Evaluation
  • 250 answers renewing monthly
  • Invite team members
  • Prompt Metrics
  • PDF Embedding
  • Prompt Improvement Suggestions
  • Integrations (Whatsapp, Slack, X and more)
Community Support
Most Popular
Designed for Scaling Businesses
  • Everything from Standard
  • Automatic Evaluation
  • Connect your LLM Keys
  • Connect your Vector Database
  • Chain of Prompts
  • Test Scheduler
  • Function Calling
  • 24/7 premium support
Tailored for Large Corporations
  • Everything from Teams
  • Customization options
  • Complex Embeddings
  • Hosted models
  • Role-based access
  • 24/7 priority support